Your intranet and corporate communication in a single app

Introducing the digital heart of your business – an app where you can find everything from onboarding forms to a canteen menu. A tool that opens the door to all departments, without paper forms and lengthy communication channels. With Office 8, you get a centralized source of information and a tool for clear internal communication.

Internal communication

All-in-one employee services app

Keep your team updated with the latest news, events, and training sessions. Say goodbye to paperwork and communicate seamlessly across the company.

With Office 8, you'll always have an overview of what's happening in the company. This intranet online app helps your team stay informed and engaged in the company's activities.

Office8 - All-in-one employee services app

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Facility management

Let people know about available services

Through the app, your employees can book meeting rooms and car parks, rate how they liked their lunch in the canteen, or even report a dripping tap.

Office 8 gives you the feedback you need to work together on creating a safe, open, and enjoyable working environment.

Office8 - Let people know about available services

Human resources

Boost your team’s potential

Imagine a supportive environment where people want to stay for ages and continue to develop. The HR module of Office 8 supports professional growth, optimizes performance, and increases the satisfaction of your team members.

The application also greatly simplifies the recruitment process and helps you integrate new employees quickly.

Office8 - Boost your team’s potential

ESG hub

Work together on sustainability

Office 8 helps you implement strategies that support your ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives. It enables you to better engage employees and customers in sustainability, measure results, and reward positive behaviour.

Office8 - Work together on sustainability


Corporate communication app

An award-winning sophisticated app for clear communication with employees.

Office8 - Corporate communication app
  • Forvardino - HR Project of 2021
  • 2020 Fenix Content Marketing
  • 2021 Fenix Content Marketing
  • Sustainability Awareness Campaign

Why corporate communication app?

Every organisation has unique requirements. With a combination of smart development and integration, the App covers all your neeeds.

Office8 - Secure


Your data is protected with military-grade security standards.

Office8 - GDPR compliant

GDPR compliant

All modules are designed with GDPR regulations in mind.

Office8 - Customisable


Custom development and integration covers all your needs.

Office8 - PWA


Access Services form, anywhere, anytime. PWA is device and system agnostic.

Office8 - Administration


We provide platform, you provide content for your employees.

Office8 - API integrations

API integrations

From Microsoft to SAP, we integrate services running on existing platforms.


of users prefer Office8 platform to Intranet


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Our certificates

Certificate of security

Quality management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016

Certificate of quality

Information security system according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 27001:2014

Our modules

Use individual modules to customize your Office8.

Default module
Office8 - News


Keep people informed about what is going on in your company.

Default module
Office8 - Health & safety

Health & safety

Share information on the rules of occupational health and safety and fire protection as well as on the epidemic situation.

Default module
Office8 - Canteens


Allow your employees to check the daily menu, rate meals, or order home.

Default module
Office8 - Courses and professional training

Courses and professional training

Provide training, development courses and workshops to your staff. Establish a unique peer-to-peer learning community.

Default module
Office8 - Maps


Get an easy tool to find meeting rooms, available services, emergency exits, and other POIs.

Default module
Office8 - Ideas


Collect ideas from your colleagues. Let them support the best ideas and learn what matters most.

Default module
Office8 - Directory


Facilitate communication by having your company’s directory with advanced filters and search tools at fingertips.

Default module
Office8 - Timesheets


Fill timesheets on the go. Customize multi-tier approval levels or integrate with your existing systems.

Default module
Office8 - Events


Organize events, invite people, manage participants. Online, onsite, or hybrid.

Default module
Office8 - Services


Give an overview of the services available at your workplace.

Default module
Office8 - Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Measure NPS and client satisfaction. Show clearly how your team is doing.

Default module
Office8 - Surveys


Find out what matters most to your employees by running regular or flash surveys.

Default module
Office8 - Parking


Give people the ability to conveniently book parking lots on the go.

Default module
Office8 - Onboarding


Enjoy paperless E2E onboarding process with HR system integration. Safe, secure and cost saving.

Default module
Office8 - Challenges & competitions

Challenges & competitions

Increase engagement by running themed challenges and competitions.

Default module
Office8 - Performance reviews & 360° feedback

Performance reviews & 360° feedback

Collect feedback from managers, peers and subordinates to gain insights into performance of individuals and teams.

Default module
Office8 - Benefits


Make people aware of special offers, discounts and services available for employees from your partners.

Default module
Office8 - How-to guides

How-to guides

Create easy to use guides (setting of air conditioning, connecting to hybrid meetings) that are accessible right when people need them.

Default module
Office8 - Open positions

Open positions

Post internal jobs. Collect applications and recommendations.Save money on headhunters.

Default module
Office8 - Emergency communication

Emergency communication

Provide timely notifications and instructions for various emergency situations.

Default module
Office8 - Corporate strategy & objectives

Corporate strategy & objectives

Align your employees around common strategic goals and objectives. Communicate them clearly and motivate everyone to contribute.

Default module
Office8 - Fault reporting

Fault reporting

Allow people to report a problem when they spot it. Join forces to keep improving your workplace continuously.

Default module
Office8 - Badges & access management

Badges & access management

Organizing an event with guests? Issue digital and print badges to control access and improve security.

Default module
Office8 - Bazaar


Support sustainable activities and allow employees to give unused items a second life. You can also use the company bazaar to sell company property.

Default module
Office8 - Instant feedback

Instant feedback

Use instant feedback to drive your growth and development. Allow employees to send feedback to anyone at any time.

Office8 - Custom modules

Custom modules

We create modules according to the requirements of our clients.

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The ZAPKA employee application was originally created as a one-time request for the occasion of the opening of the new ČSOB building. However it became an integral part of the daily life of ČSOB Group employees after 4 years of existence. Because of an excellent cooperation with jPower8 application has over 20 modules and over 2 million of annual attendance. The chosen PWA platform enables its wide availability on desktops, mobiles and tablets.

Pavlína Kvapilová Executive Manager ČSOB
Office8 - Available on all devices

Available on all devices

Office8 can be used on all devices. It is available across operating systems and browsers.

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We always spend hours getting to know your business through and through to deliver a tailor-made product that provides specifically what you need. Our products are proven in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and logistics.

Which languages do we code with?

We use the Java programming language for custom software development. For large-scale development projects that require replaceable components and strong architectural stability, we use the React framework. Our main platform for cloud computing is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our other favorite technologies and languages include Spring, API, CA/Broadcom, Vue.js, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Vaadin, Liferay, etc.

Have our apps won any awards?

Winning the HR Project of 2021 and securing the 1st place for the P2P coaching module is a significant accomplishment, showcasing our commitment to excellence and innovation in HR management. Achieving the 3rd place in the Fenix Content Marketing awards for the Financial Sector in both the B2E communication App Core is rewarding, too.

How do we develop custom software using agile approach?

We are focused on delivering software quickly and efficiently. It involves breaking down the development process into smaller, iterative cycles, allowing for frequent feedback and adjustments.

How long have we been providing customized software development?

jPower8 has provided customized software development services for over 10 years. We have a team of experienced software developers who specialize in Java.

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