ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It is a framework that companies use to measure and report their performance in these three areas. Employee engagement with our ESG App in sustainability can lead to increased motivation, productivity, and innovation, as well as a positive impact on the company’s overall sustainability performance.

Internal communication plays a crucial role in creating awareness, promoting understanding, and fostering engagement among employees. By effectively communicating sustainability goals, initiatives, and progress, a company can inspire employees to actively participate and contribute to the company’s sustainability efforts. 

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Sustainability Hub

Environmental, social and corporate governance

Clearly articulate your company's ESG commitments, goals, and progress to your employees and customers through various communication channels. Transparent communication can create awareness, build trust, and foster engagement among stakeholders, showcasing the company's dedication to sustainability.

Ensure that your company's leadership actively communicates and champions your ESG commitments, goals, and progress. This can include CEO messages, leadership speeches, and interviews in media or industry events. Leadership endorsement and visible support for sustainability initiatives can inspire employees, customers, and other stakeholders and build trust in your company's sustainability efforts.

Environmental, social and corporate governance

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Provide easily accessible and organized content related to ESG topics, such as social responsibility, environmental conservation, and economic prosperity.

Organize webinars and training sessions for employees, customers, and other stakeholders on ESG topics. These can be conducted in-person or virtually and can cover various sustainability aspects, such as social responsibility, environmental conservation, and economic prosperity. Ensure that the webinars and training sessions are interactive, engaging, and informative, and provide opportunities for participants to ask questions and learn from each other.

ESG cornerstone


Support Information and Interest with Challenges and Competitions. Encourage employees and customers to actively engage in ESG initiatives by offering challenges and competitions that promote sustainable behaviors.

Design challenges and competitions that are engaging, fun, and align with your employees' and customers' interests. For example, you could create a "Green Office Challenge" where employees compete to implement sustainability practices in their workplace, or a "Sustainable Living Challenge" where customers compete to adopt eco-friendly lifestyle choices. Use gamification techniques, such as leaderboards, badges, and rewards, to incentivize participation and create friendly competition.

ESG cornerstone


Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure the effectiveness of your ESG initiatives, such as energy savings, waste reduction, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction. Regularly track and analyze these metrics to evaluate the impact of your sustainability efforts and identify areas for improvement.

Recognize and reward employees and customers who actively participate in ESG initiatives and demonstrate sustainable behaviors. Rewarding efforts to turn sustainability into a habit can motivate individuals to consistently practice sustainable behaviors and reinforce a culture of sustainability within the organization.


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The implementation of the ESG (Sustainability) Module into the ČSOB Employee App by jPower8 and the subsequent Green Challenge was one of the most successful campaigns we have organised recently. In 2022, it also collected the „Golden Semicolon“ Award in the Internal Communication and Employee Engagement Category.

Eva Kubíčková ESG Manager ČSOB

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jPower8's core focus is to help clients create a digital product that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. We specialize in developing software for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and logistics.

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We use the programming language Java for custom software development. For large-scale development projects that require replaceable components and strong architectural stability, we use the React framework. Our main platform for cloud computing is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our other favorite technologies and languages are Spring, API, CA/Broadcom, Vue.js, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Vaadin, Liferay, etc.

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Winning the HR Project of 2021 and securing the 1st place for the P2P coaching module is a significant accomplishment, showcasing our commitment to excellence and innovation in HR management. Additionally, achieving 3rd place in the Fenix Content Marketing awards for the Financial Sector in both the B2E communication App Core is rewarding.

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We are focused on delivering software quickly and efficiently. It involves breaking down the development process into smaller, iterative cycles, allowing for frequent feedback and adjustments.

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jPower8 has provided customized software development services for over 10 years. We have a team of experienced software developers who specialize in Java.

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