Badger is a film production app that is dedicated to help filmmakers create films more efficiently and sustainably. The app offers key sophisticated features that are designed to improve efficiency in film productions by providing features for crew management, task assignments, health testing, and security setup. These features bring collaboration and facility communication among team members, helping to streamline workflow and enhance productivity on set.

Film crew management

Paperless Film Production App

Badger, the paperless film production app, is created by a team of creative filmmakers who prioritize simple user experience and robust data security. The app is designed to streamline the management of film crews, making the production process more efficient and sustainable.

The app offers security setup features, ensuring that sensitive information and production data are protected.

Paperless Film Production App

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Moneta Moneta
Healthy crew

Badges & Access

This feature enhances the onboarding process for film production crews by providing digital badges such as QR codes that can be used for access and verification purposes.

The digital badge provides a convenient and efficient way for crew members to access different areas or services on set, saving time and reducing administrative overhead.

Badges & Access
Productive crew

Project calendar

Project Calendar helps streamline health and safety protocols for film production crews by providing an online platform for Daily Health Checks and tracking results. This helps ensure compliance with health and safety protocols and promotes safe working environment on set.

Project calendar
Connected group

Directory and Lunches

Our App functionality delivers seamless communication and coordination among crew members, helping to foster a positive working environment on set. Having the crew list readily available in the app makes it easy for crew members to connect with their colleagues. The lunch ordering feature simplifies the process of ordering meals, ensuring that crew members are well-fed and ready to perform their best on set.

Directory and Lunches

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We used The Badger application on Extraction II and it saved us time, money, and labor. It made covid testing check-ins and result tracking easy and fast. Their team was helpful, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I recommend them for similar projects.

Patrick Newall Producer Netflix
Bel Powley

I love Badger! It tells you what’s for lunch!

Bel Powley Actor Bel Powley

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