A film crew management app to save you money, time, and support staff

Badger is a comprehensive app to help you manage your film crew from onboarding to on-set lunch. It offers key sophisticated features that are designed to improve efficiency in film production such as task assignments, project scheduling, instant communication, security setup, digitized documents, and more. These features improve collaboration and facilitate communication among team members, helping to streamline workflow and enhance productivity on set.

Cut! Say goodbye to production headaches

Paperless film production app

Badger has been created by a team of creative filmmakers who prioritize simplicity, convenience, sustainability, and robust data security. The app has been designed to streamline the management of film crews, making the production process smoother and more efficient. The app also offers security setup features, ensuring that sensitive information and production data are protected.

Badger - Paperless film production app

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One badge to rule them all

Badges & Access

This feature enhances the onboarding process for film production crew by providing digital badges such as QR codes that can be used for access, health checks, and verification purposes.

The digital badge provides a convenient and efficient way for crew members to access different areas or services on set, saving time and reducing administrative overhead.

Badger - Badges & Access

Lights, camera, interaction!

Crew directory

With Badger, you will have all your project contacts at your fingertips with validated phone numbers, emails and photos of your colleagues. You can call, text or whatsapp anyone right from the app. Contacts can be added to a Favorites list with one easy tap. You can hide VIP contacts or not include them in the project directory at all. You will never have to look for contacts anywhere else.

Badger - Crew directory

May the digital forms be with you

Paperless onboarding

Don’t overwhelm your crew with stacks of papers and forms. With Badger, a crew member fills out their information once and it is copied into the required start forms, NDAs or other documents automatically and sent out to the user for a digital signature. Reduce your paper trail with Badger and provide seamless crew onboarding.

Badger - Paperless onboarding

Calling the shots

Callsheet distribution

Badger securely displays the day’s callsheet with an industry-standard digital watermark. You can assign any Schedule, Callsheet, Transportation Schedule or other document to be displayed to the end user whenever they need it. No more crawling through the sea of emails in your inbox. Badger will always show you the current approved document.

Badger - Callsheet distribution

Navigating the location matrix

Project schedule

Badger will display the latest shooting schedule in three convenient view modes: Daily, Weekly and Monthly. All your crew will be up-to-date with the latest production plans, call times and locations. Include links to locations for each day to make sure no one gets lost on their way to work.

Badger - Project schedule

Real-time communication


Using the latest push technology, Badger lets you send instant notifications to individual users, departments or pre-defined groups. Crew members often miss important information buried in a swarm of emails. Communicate clearly and quickly with Badger’s messaging feature.

Badger - Messaging

The fast and the accurate

Timesheets & Accounting

Badger lets all crew members fill out their time card digitally and send it off for HOD’s or UPM’s approval. All this information is stored so Accounting can check invoices and payroll. Badger calculates people’s day rates, overtime, box rentals, and other items for an easy workflow.

Badger - Timesheets & Accounting

A lunch to remember

Lunches & Sustainability

Badger even tells you what’s for lunch. To save the planet, switch to reusable food containers and let Badger help you with tracking. When handing out lunches during French hours, each item is scanned and paired with the crew member’s account. You can monitor if someone forgot to return their lunch box and notify them with a single click.

Badger - Lunches & Sustainability

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We used The Badger application on Extraction II and it saved us time, money, and labor. It made covid testing check-ins and result tracking easy and fast. Their team was helpful, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I recommend them for similar projects.

Patrick Newall Producer Netflix
Bel Powley

I love Badger! It tells you what’s for lunch!

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